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Hi, my name is Tania McCulloch I was auspiciously born 14th February 1963, St Valentines Day.  I'm not too sure about the auspicious part, haven't checked with my mum on that scene

   Spent my formative years in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia...a mining town (gold, nickel...some copper)
   Moved to Perth aged 18 to become a Journalist.
   Spent six years learning trade in print and radio then left it...promptly.  
   I have worked as Red Cross PR person for children and adolescents  in promotion of the ideals of the ICRC
   I have been a clerical worker/admin support in  psychiatric settings ever since.  Old timers, cranky kids and addled adults.....I love it...must be the company I keep!!!

   I'm happily esconsed at "LittleChurch Cottage" in the most beautiful place in South West of Western Australia. BALINGUP. Littlechurch reflects the home...rather than its' inhabitants...otherwise it'd be called "LittleHeathen"

   Live with partner "Mr Man" a soft, gentle, rigid, intransigent (sigh) and talented man who has a wonderous lack of procrastination.and  "Ariadne the wonder dog". Incorrigable woofer! (See photo album)

That's enough...don't you think?

There's not much here at present, but please feel free to have a poke about and see what I'm about.