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The Extension
In November 2001 the building began...and those seven years of midnight musings are all paying off.

Verandah down, bobcat's been, reinforcing and waterproofing in Cement pad laid and under water....fascinating stuff.
Afternoon bliss ....Building Site, Beer and a Barker More bricks on a thundery afternoon. The bloody things are heavy....around 14kg or 30lb each
Adi's first thunsderstorm.  This is Adispeak for "Come inside you bloody idiot....there's a big dog in the sky and he's NOT HAPPY!" A bit of pooch didn't work!
Day's end.  Adi is inside hiding from the "Big Dog" Door Lintel goes up....with a bit of grunting but got it right first time...2001 embellisment
Celtic Cross carved into an internal upright....another "Littlechurch" embellisment Never underestimate the usefulness of a couple of 44 gallon drums....magic!
Macca Snr supervises the principal of "measure twice cut once" A pic for Roy to scare his mummy...securing the beams
Macca Snr gets in on the act....just to scare the dacks off his wife and girlchild. The first Littlechurch window goes in.  Handmade by Roy....there WAS swearing!
All internal beams wrapped up for Christmas Tania paints the outside of the beams to protect from the sun.  Wearing more paint than the wood

The fellow and his art.   Stocking stuffers for the architecturally addicted
Dormer Window upstairs Bay Window Downstairs
OOH's all coming along very nicely!
Upstairs bedroom door, once a window to the roof.  I LOVE this door Coming along nicely
Paving's down....looking nice
(but better than you barking at the shovel)
Stairway to Hill's Hoist! "This?'s goin in here missus....don't be thick!"'s IN! And there's that herringbone brickwork he couldn't not do.
Well it's almost finished, inside and out. A bit more painting...finding carpet and other stuff....then we're done...and no more lounging about in a corridor!